What is FTP and how to use it?

What is FTP? FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a necessary component for any Webmaster. This allows you to directly connect to your host’s server so that you can easily upload and erase files to modify your existing website. This is much easier than going through the host and changing the files yourself. The cPanel interface is made to accommodate FTP access. This is because cPanel has an FTP server that is already setup and ready to use. You just need an FTP program, or you can go through cPanel itself to access the server.

FTP Vs Web Host Let’s say that you want to change your files through your Web host. Then you need to login to the host, go to where your files are hosted and manually upload one file at a time. This isn’t bad if you just need to upload one or two small files, but it’s painfully slow if you are doing anything more than this. FTP access allows you to upload many files in much less time. Just log in to the FTP server, drag and drop the new files into the host and everything will upload in seconds. Not only does it take fewer actions from you to upload many files, but the FTP server is much faster than manually uploading the files.

Necessary Software You will need an FTP program to connect to the FTP server. Don’t worry, this software is both free and very reliable. If you download a trusted program like Filezilla, CuteFTP or FTP Commander, then there’s no chance of anything going wrong. This software acts as an intermediary between your FTP server and the files on your end. Without this software, you cannot connect to the server to upload and modify files. How to Use FTP Open the FTP program and enter the host and login information.

You will obtain all of this from the host itself, it should be located within cPanel. Every host has its own host, username and password for FTP access. You also need to enter your account name to connect to the server. You then just have to enter this information into the FTP program to connect to the server. You might have to attempt the connection several times because FTP servers are often very busy and they may not be able to accommodate a new connection right them. If it doesn’t work within five attempts, then wait a few minutes and try again. Once you login, your host files should appear on the right side of the program.

You can now upload files from your computer. All of your computer’s files are on the left side of the program. You can either drag and drop a file into the FTP program to upload it, or you can select a file from the left window to upload it. You should see a status bar appear at the bottom of the program showing you how the upload is going. When you are finished, just logoff and quit the program. This will end your FTP connection.