Under where? We’re Finding Our Underwear Online

Tommy JohnThe underwear industry has transformed in the past two decades with the prevalence of the internet and the introduction and initial ‘boom’ of e-commerce. Online shops have transformed our lives, relieving the social pressure of visiting a store in person. Online underwear companies have transformed how we shop. No longer do we need to search for a specific pair of undergarments in person (which may be time consuming) – we have direct access to the experts – online underwear companies who’ve “been around the block” a few times. (Be sure to check out camsunderpants.com when looking over these new online companies.)

Online underwear companies like MeUndies pride themselves on selling underwear that feel good and guarantee clients’ satisfaction. With specialist online underwear companies identifying high quality ‘Undies’ which we can use, we can enjoy ourselves better, knowing that we’re taken care of. That we’re not compromising on quality, and that we won’t be missing out because of it.

However, we don’t need to take their word for it.

MeUndies as a brand utilizes the popular application ‘Snapchat’ to reach out to new audiences, exhibiting their work and the almost ‘casually professional’ theme of their products to people of all ages. They are not alone. Other brands like Tommy John focus on comfortable underwear for men. They offer discounts (like many online underwear companies) which might not have been available in a brick and mortar shop. The specialization and cost effectiveness of these online stores provide people around the world, of all different ages and cultures, the opportunity to not only have a more ‘premium’, quality experience day-to-day, but also to share that experience with others around the world.

Famously a video of a Tommy John client went viral. Tommy John’s website had over half a million ‘hits’ in the 24 hours following the post, suggesting that the clients’ fans were interested. This is a truly authentic endorsement, leading global interest from future clientele. Nobody was being told to purchase the product; it was genuine interest leading users to the Tommy John website. But wait, there’s more. We’ve already noticed video and mobile; what about others?
Mack Weldon has an active Twitter account where the company engages with clients around the world. By responding to people tweeting about their product, they are not only encouraging the tweeter to continue tweeting, but they are exposing themselves to people who ‘follow’ or interact with the person who tweeted them.

Online underwear companies are pioneering new ways to reach individuals. Their clientele are helping them too. Word of mouth was a prevalent way of ‘getting the word out’, however in an ever-more-digital society, we are seeing, saying and sharing with limitless potential.