Ebates Is Solid

Ebates is an online program that offers to share its earnings from online retailers with clients who use Ebates for their regular online purchases. Ebates is a partner to more than 1700 stores, just like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Kohl’s. Ebates connects one to the store he/she wish to shop at, Ebates offers you a level of the income they earn from by being a partner.

Retail stores offer organizations and individuals like bloggers a bonus payment by leading sales to their website. Anybody can become an associate to these stores with associate marketing.

How Ebates Works

One should simply agree and accept the terms and conditions of Ebates, after which you will be required to sign up with an email address. Immediately, one will be given an option to pick a gift voucher that is worth $10. Your gift voucher will be sent to you once you finish a buy of $25 or more.

When one creates an account with Ebates, he/she should consider getting paid in PayPal. Your email address on Ebates should be the same as that on your PayPal email address account. When you sign on to Ebates, you will have a wider range of places where you can shop from on the web.

The Pros of Ebates

Cash Back Rewards

In Ebates, one can get money back for shopping that he/she would have already done at any rate. Ebates does not cost you anything apart from the little time you spend signing in and filtering where you can get your money back. Clear Instructions

There is no doubt how much money back you will get. The rundown of stores plainly shows the money back rate you get, and the sum is strengthened when you tap on the connection to a shopping entrance.

Great Customer Service

When you visit Better Business Bureau (BBB) site, you will see a few criticism against Ebates. What’s surprising is the manner by which they are settled. A dominant part of the complaints are about not receiving payouts. To solve the issues require time. However, Ebates does their best to settle any issues.

Clear Instructions

There is no doubt how much cash back you will get. The list of stores straightforwardly shows the money back rate you get, and the sum is made when you click the shopping link.

The Cons of Ebates

In spite of the gleaming positives, Ebates is much the same as some other site and bound to have some negative things.

Missed Payouts

As said above, missed payouts make up the majority of the grievances on the BBB site. You will additionally observe a lot of audits online focused on this issue.

The good thing is that Ebates appears to be entirely open in taking care of the claims with respect to missed payouts.

Limited Categories

Because Ebates is subsidiary with many stores doesn’t mean you can shop from each class of those stores.


Ebates is easy to use online cash back site which rewards you for shopping through the links. It does not cost you a thing to use Ebates services to make purchases.